In this footage you will hear Tony talk about authenticity and emotional engagement. The ability to be 'Connected' as a speaker enables us to 'own the space' and fully engage the listener. An audience will read this as Presence, Confidence and Credibility. Tony reminds us that our role as a communicator is to be there for the audience and not ourselves

About passion and purpose public speaking coaching

Passion and Purpose is about teaching people how to step up and own their communication.

We have developed a unique methodology that empowers people from the 'inside-out'.

When we know how to operate from within we can transfer a skill-set and a mindset to any communication.

Passion and Purpose create safe, inclusive and challenging learning programs through tailored workshops and bespoke coaching programs. Our facilitation is skilful, impactful and empathetic. 

We work with government, large corporations, professional services, not for profits, SME’s and business leaders. 

Our clients share a common challenge; how do we train our people to achieve outstanding results when they are communicating under pressure.

‘High Stakes Communication’, whether it is delivering a mission critical business pitch, a presentation, a speech or influencing a key stakeholder will often be the result of a long and costly process.

For most people, the pressure to achieve the outcomes under such pressure, to think clearly on our feet, capturing hearts and minds... is overwhelming.

Our clients invest in Passion and Purpose because they are acutely aware of the importance of getting this communication right the first time.

We teach people how to convert the pressure into an opportunity to flourish.

Our content is enlightening and the transformation happens when we apply our insights through practical application.


about tony


Tony has always had a love of being in front of an audience. It started on the sporting field as a young cricketer and found its way into many different spheres.

The turning point was playing the main role in an existential play whilst completing a Bachelor of Science at UNSW - and who wouldn't have a turning point acting out a character in such a genre. This took Tony into the world of comedy and he went on to write, direct and perform in different forms of comic theatre, including a highly successful cabaret show.

Wanting more and whilst balancing a career as an IT professional, Tony turned to serious theatre and played at some of Sydney's best known venues. In his early 20's Tony decided to 'give up the day job' and after auditioning alongside thousands of hopefuls, he was accepted into a cohort of 26 at one of the world's foremost theatrical institutions, The Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London.

This marked the beginning of a journey that continues for Tony and one which provided the technical expertise and credibility that has brought success to his business.

At The Guildhall, Tony’s peers included Daniel Craig (James Bond), Ewan McGregor, Joseph Fiennes, Damian Lewis and his teachers, such as Patsy Rodenburg are globally renowned in their field.

Studying drama and working in London as an actor is not necessarily for the faint-hearted. It is highly competitive, cut-throat and full of uncertainty. This was fuel for Tony and very occasionally a nightmare. He worked alongside the best of the best in the world.

At the end of the 90’s a family tragedy eventually brought Tony back to Sydney where he continued his acting career and he discovered a new passion - helping other people perform at their best when they are under real pressure. This was the beginning of Passion and Purpose and it involved re-training as a facilitator and organisational coach. He loves public speaking coaching and helping people with their communication skills and presentation skills.

A ‘brief’ 13 year stint as a product trainer, relationship builder and sales manager in corporate financial services brought Tony closer to a number of government agencies and global corporations. This taught him about the inner workings and politics of life in the senior echelons of Australian and international businesses.

Passion and Purpose formed as a way of bringing together all of Tony’s professional experience, skills, strengths and passions. He describes his life now as feeling like he is ‘standing in his own truth’. Tony is driven by a deep purpose to make a difference to other people; to teach leaders and aspiring leaders how to fulfill their greatest potential.

Tony has developed an incredible methodology that can turn a nerve-wracking experience (which is the case for many public speakers) into something that people are empowered in; something they learn to look forward to and learn to love. This is what sets Tony apart.

The journey has taken Tony all over the world; delivering high-stakes presentations, key-note speeches, performing on stage, in film, TV and Radio. It is this truly diverse background of high-stakes communication - often in front of thousands of people, vast experience in facilitation, coaching, pitching and working within very large organisations that has given Tony a deep understanding of the complexities at play when we are under pressure to achieve our objectives.