Passion and purpose

We are in the business of empowering a new wave of communicators

Our programs look to develop in each participant  a set of highly practical processes and a powerful mindset shift that enables them to achieve their valuable objectives when they communicate under pressure

Our Vision

 To bring authenticity, creativity and passion to all organisations in all parts of the world

Some of Our Clients



Transformational Workshops


Join with others in a public workshop run by Tony Sloman. Learn and practice the fundamentals of speaking with Passion & Purpose. Understand the necessary preparation and mindset. Engage with Tony and participants to acquire life long skills.

Individual Coaching


Do you need to fast-track your development and would like personalised guidance in how to own your space and persuade people socially or professionally? Tony is available to assist you with personal tuition. He will start you from where you are at and build upon your strengths. He will empower you by challenging your current scripts to give you mastery in your field.

Corporate Workshops


Tony is  contracted by businesses or organisations regularly to raise their level of engagement with their clients and stakeholders. He is well versed in preparing people for dynamic pitches, to inspire and connect with staff or to help you promote your message. He has more than 30 years experience in initiating sustained change.


Be Real

Accept who you are, be mindful and be prepared and open to learn


We believe this is a core skill worth investing in


 A fundamental part of our learning methodology; Engage with your messages and connect them with others


 Seek to understand how it feels to be in someone else’s shoes


Imagination can help shed light where there is darkness and can make the impossible a possibility

Check out our Keynote presentation

Why we exist

We believe in Connection…to our messages, to our audience, to our employees, our clients and to ourselves

We bring deep expertise from the performing arts, facilitation, coaching, from direct experience within many corporate and SME environments and through a lifelong commitment to learning

Passion and Purpose have created programs for so many client needs. Some of the more frequent needs include:


  • Persuasive Presentations
  • Empowering Leaders from within
  • Pitch Perfect
  • From Presentation to Presence
  • Own your Space - Influence & Impact
  • Influence and Engage your listeners
  • Public Speaking Fundamentals
  • Beyond the Presentation


  • Critical Conversations
  • Performance Review Communication
  • Engaging your Stakeholders
  • Mentoring Conversations
  • Challenging Communication

We seek to fully understand our client's needs in every program we deliver

We aim to be relevant

Our client's success is imperative

 To bring authenticity, creativity and passion to all organisations in all parts of the world

Our transformational workshops

We host various workshops throughout the year. Check out what's coming up


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