The Inner Critic

25 March 2018

Who owns the Inner Critic?

Many people I connect with in business have a strong desire to succeed in their career. They are bright, passionate, engaging and enthusiasm is clearly evident. Seems like a recipe for success… until they strike a situation that triggers their sense of self-worth; public speaking for eg or work-related criticism (feedback that feels negative).

If we are enthusiastic about contributing our views and all we ‘hear’ is our manager/boss continually belittling our opinions we might feel like running, fighting or retreating into submission. “My opinion isn’t valued so I will just keep quiet”.

We create a reality that is not helpful, we resent everything and we lose our ‘voice’. If we are at the start of our career this can be devastating. So what do we do? We must seek support; mentoring, coaching, training, self-education… anything that EMPOWERS us.

Our reality is based on our mindset and the more we can equip ourselves at the start of our career – the more we are positioned to understand how to be the agents of our own destiny… to be able to distinguish between someone else’s reality and our own.


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