Actualising Human Potential: Why It Matters

19 June 2024
Author: Tony Sloman

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Remember that Your People Drive Your Results

“Potential is a continual practice – not a destination.”


This quote is a potent reminder for any organisation that wishes to create a thriving, high-performing culture. Are you prioritising your employees’ growth and development? Neglecting the ‘actualisation’ of human potential within your organisation can have severe consequences, such as a loss of top talent, decreased morale, and diminished productivity.


What do I mean by ‘actualising human potential’. Put simply, this is development of confidence and the empowerment of all individuals, no matter what their title is. In particular, it is empowering all people to communicate their messages with clarity, conviction and calm in situations where the outcomes matter.


At Passion and Purpose we refer to this as ‘Communication Performance’. The balance that we strike between our self-talk (what we tell ourselves and what we feel) and the messages we deliver. When we get the balance right between our internal and our external experience – we create a much more positive communication experience for everyone – including ourselves.


Have you witnessed the impact of deprioritising employee growth and development initiatives in your organisation or elsewhere? How did it affect morale, productivity, and overall performance?


Fostering a Service-Oriented Culture

For those organisations that fail to prioritise employee growth and development, an unhealthy, perhaps even toxic culture can quickly breed by default. No one wins when an organisation neglects its people’s potential. A critical mistake leaders often make is failing to view employees as the drivers of customer service and experience. Rather – a workforce is often viewed as a means to an end.


How service-oriented is your company towards internal and external customers? What steps can you take to foster a culture that prioritises continuous improvement and exceptional service?


Nurturing Potential at Every Stage

The greatest sustainable competitive advantage lies in an organisation’s ability to nurture and develop its employees at every stage of their career journey. This includes fostering leadership skills and ‘communication confidence’ from the very beginning. It’s a bit like laying a strong educational foundation early on, rather than focusing on that ridiculous sprint towards the end of our high-school education – the HSC.


Evaluate your organisation’s employee development efforts, from onboarding to leadership training. Are you nurturing potential at every stage, or primarily focused on specific groups? Where can you make strategic investments to cultivate a culture of continuous growth and development?


The Exponential Benefits of Actualising Human Potential


When an organisation prioritises and invests in actualising its people’s potential, the benefits are exponential and far-reaching. Some of these benefits include:


– Improved coaching, communication, and leadership skills throughout the organisation

– Better interactions and higher-quality output from engaged and continuously improving employees

– A cascade effect where employees elevate and inspire those around them, creating a self-sustaining cycle of growth and development


How can you start unlocking more of your employees’ potential today? Consider the long-term impact of investing in your people’s growth and how it can drive spectacular growth for your organisation.


From Fearful to Empowered

Actualising human potential requires a fundamental shift in mindset – from one of being fearful of voicing up to being empowered to embody the person we wish ourselves to be.


The idea of Empowerment must be embedded into the very fabric of the organisation, fostered through leadership commitment, dedicated resources, and a culture that celebrates learning and achievement across all areas of an organisation.


As you prioritise the actualisation of human potential within your organisation, you will not only unlock the full capabilities of your workforce but also create a sustainable competitive advantage that drives long-term success. Remember, your people… ALL of your people – are the driving force behind your results, and investing in their confidence has a direct impact on their performance. Better performance leads to greater results which is an investment in the future of your organisation.


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