Showing Up

25 March 2018

Who are you when you are being watched?  

This image was taken last year at a TV shoot. It’s an artificial setting. When the makeup is on, the camera is pointed at you, the lights are shining on you… and your task is to appear natural.  Just like when nobody is watching you. 

 So, who are we ‘showing up’ as when the stakes are High… when we need to Influence… to GET IT RIGHT.  

How do you remain authentic when the spotlight is on you; pitching or presenting?  These were key themes in a keynote I delivered for a global financial services firm this week.  Next time you feel pressure to impress and it doesn’t feel real, try this:  

1. Be ‘Unapologetic’. If your mind drifts towards negative self-talk – turn it around. Remind yourself that you have a right to be there… a right to carry your message… a right to succeed 

2. Allow yourself to be human. If you suffer from performance nerves, tell yourself “that’s OK” – give yourself permission. Nerves are expected and the self-compassion deflates the emotion  

3. Connect. Within yourself, with the audience… and the environment. Make Connection the priority  Connect with Passion and Purpose to discover how we empower leaders who are always needing to influence, engage and impress:


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