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Present with Passion and Purpose  (PPP)

This program  transforms people into Passionate communicators who can own their space, engage their listeners and achieve their Purpose at every speaking opportunity. 

This course has been instrumental for so many people in: • Delivering; Business Pitches, Presentations, Training, Speeches, Webinars, On-Camera pieces • How to engage and inspire your audience • Navigating any high stakes communication • Managing and utilising nerves • Developing emerging leaders 

Program overview 

This program is about discovering the pleasure of public speaking. It will teach you how to engage with your audience so they connect with your messages. During the program you will be learning through methodologies, group discussion, reflection and by practicing. 

Speaking publicly is an active process which is learned by experiencing scenarios, being on your feet, trying things out in a safe and supportive environment. PPP will encourage you to extend yourself, take risks, enjoy the process and move beyond your ‘blocks’. PPP confronts performance anxiety head on, providing techniques, insights and theory to enable you to manage your nerves and use them constructively.

Learning outcomes

The learning outcomes include: 

• Understanding and managing the physiology of nerves 

• How to Own your Space and exercise your Right to Speak 

• Presence; learning the skills to create it and to use it 

• How to plan and prepare your material 

• Using emotional engagement to impact the listener 

• Mastering vocal technique 

• Thinking on your feet and managing audience interaction 

• Using your physical and spatial presence to engage the listener 

• How to ‘lift’ your words off the page to make them sound authentic 

• Increased self-awareness and the ability to stay focused


The Seymour Centre. The Seymour Centre is at the top of Cleveland Street near Broadway 

Next workshop dates

Tuesday, July 2, 2019 - Book by June 15, $479 + GST; thereafter $529 + GST.

Tuesday,  August 6, 2019 - Book by July 15, $479 + GST; thereafter $529 + GST.

Friday,  September  6, 2019 - Book by August 16, $479 + GST; thereafter $529 + GST.

Wednesday,  October  30, 2019 - Book by September 27, $479 + GST; thereafter $529 + GST.

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